About Us

Two continents, seven hills….Glorious city, subject to fairy tales with its magnificence and to the world with its geography. Bosphorus; Hezarfen flying over it yesterday, ships sailing on it today.

Think of a place, sitting between the continents of Asia and Europe, where you can go to same places both through the sea and through the land like a bird.
This is where we got our name. We carried on the values of yesterday to today. Our goal is to carry your brand, your products, like we carried these these values to today in a secure, permanent and speedy way.

Because our job is time. Because our job is continuity. Because our job is innovation. It has made its principle the thought of, better service will be reached only by best analyzing the customer needs, and put forth the understanding of innovative and dynamic customer focused service in world standards, worthy of specialty, supremacy, and beauty of the name “Istanbul”.

JMC Logistic; with its educated staff and modern fleet, ensures the transportation of the products exactly on time to the intended destination by planning their warehousing, delivery and by arranging suitable conditions and vehicles.

Actualizing its logistics service in 3 stages, as “project, methods and operation”, JMC Logistic, passes on to operation stage after determining basic necessities like current situation analysis, project application and human resources planning.

We carry the strong obligation of being a brand that gained a place in the World Market and thus, we are conscious of our responsibilities at all times.

We are ready to be your logistics partner.


Our approach has been shaped through the years by the biggest firms of the world. Firstly, we perform a preliminary investigation on our customers through various sources. We determine the needs and the demands of the firm. Subsequently, we meet with the firm and listen carefully – very carefully.

Afterwards, we blend what we learned from our customers with our own investigation an our previous experiences. And we meet with our customer at an offer we can mutually agree on.

Each work we do reinforces our collaboration with our customers and carries their satisfaction further.

Customers / Business Partners

Our customers are our business partners and our center.

There are various establishments in our customer portfolio, from world’s giant companies to expert firms active in its sector for years.

The reason we want to work with you is not because of the large volume of your firm’s work. Our wish to work with you is due to achievability, improvability and continuity of the work and the project.

Even though competitive market conditions seems to bring forth the price advantage, priority is protecting brand value of our business partner; in other words, fulfilling its commitment, promise under suitable conditions.

We owe thanks to our customers for entrusting their brand values and cooperating with us in order to improve our work.

Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

We know quality is a life style, this is why we spend big part of our time to foresee the needs of our customers, meet their needs and increase customer loyalty. In this respect, we continue to give service in accordance with standards.

Due to attention we show to society and human health, we aim to continuously improve our activity by working with an educated and experienced staff who carry out cleanliness and hygiene rules fully, who are aware of their responsibilities on nutrition security, at the same time by continuously increasing their education level.

Our aim is not to come up to a certain standard, it is to become a leader establishment determining the standard in our sector and continuously increasing that standard level.

We continue to give a consistent service to our customers through the years in line with our objective, by continuing our works in cooperation and unity in order to continue the trust we built in our customers and to carry this satisfaction even further.

Environment Policy

We guarantee, by keeping negative environmental effects under control, to be in full compliance to the laws and to comply with National and International regulations and standards in our activities. In this scope, we prevent environmental pollution in our activities at their source. We have all sadly witnessed in the past how serious damage solid and liquid waste had given to our seas and shores. Thus, we also give substantial contribution to protect our seas from solid and liquid wastes from ships, to have Turkey perform its international obligations and to keep our seas clean.

Moreover, with low energy lighting systems, we maintain 30% energy savings.

We send the wastes arising during our work processes to recycling by separating them, and destroy our hazardous wastes that cannot be recycled according to related regulations.

Thanks to temporary waste storage areas, hazardous chemicals inside wasted batteries are prevented from mixing into soil, air and underground waters.

We continue to give service by creating a healthier and more secure working environment and by taking necessary precautions on occupation hazards and diseases.

Field of Activity

We offer a real logistics service to our customers that ensures transportation of loads to their destination through sea, land, air and railway; when one transportation method is not enough through methods like Land+Sea, Land+Air, Land+Railway, Sea+Railway, in line with our customers’ requests; with our warehouses in Europe and Turkey ensuring delivery of the transported goods from door to door and exactly on time.

Our company is diversifying the activity fields of JMC Logistic, which is able to provide a strong, modern, continuous information flow at the right time, right price and demanded quality with its corporate and professional management and which gives a performance guarantee, day by day with an innovative approach.

Human Resources

The number of staff in our company, where team work is fundamental, is speedily increasing each passing day. Main principle during the staff selection and placement phase is to gain young and dynamic individuals who are open to improvement, not afraid of changes, successful in people relations, having a high education level, who like team work, by giving them equal opportunity. You can pursue your job applications through e-mail address.

Supply-Chain Management

Supply-Chain Management, used to increase production quality and brand values of establishments and organizations, improve their working conditions with their work partners and suppliers, improve their transportation time, costs and provision conditions and increase their performance, ensures extensive advantages in today’s conditions where intensive competition exists. Because of these advantages, delivery performance improves, rate of order placement increases, Logistics costs decrease, Customer satisfaction increases and by answering customer demands in best way the quality of the product and its brand value increases. Being able to achieve this advantage and to increase productivity is only obtainable with a good information management structure and choosing correct work partners / suppliers. At this point, we are ready to fulfill all kinds of necessities you, our partners, feel the need for application of Supply-Chain Management systems. We offer the solutions you feel the need for in all the processes of packing and preparation of your products for distribution, their storage and lastly their delivery to your customers.