6- Automotive

Lately, the logistics term has become important for establishments and corporations to focus on competitive advantage. Supply-chain covers provision of materials to be used in production, conversion and production of these materials to semi-finished or finished product, delivery of finished products to the consumer. Timing of the provision of the materials to be used in production is very important for the automotive sector. It can neither be early nor late. Delay causes serious disruption in production, earliness causes the automotive sector who is already searching for competitive advantage due to hardships it faces in any areas to shoulder costs like inventory, warehousing, etc.

Consequently, due to these reasons, a need for on time purchasing and logistics has emerged. On time Logistics is based on actualizing activities at the time of need or demand and the most important factor is frequent and timely delivery in small partial shipments.

Our capability of generating alternative Logistic solutions by Land, Sea and Air provides advantages to our working partners we give service to in the automotive sector.