8- Forestry Products

Logistics of forestry products is obtained by ensuring the delivery of the product to the customer at the correct time, by getting it from the correct place with flexible solutions at the lowest possible costs. The subject we especially pay attention to and focus on is to form strategies and business models that will increase customer satisfaction by ensuring integration of basic work processes in logistics management.

Need to find solutions and do research to carry out and generate new strategies, innovative products and services and orders demanded connected to these brings forth a need to continuously improve traditional product and services. This is a problem, but at the same time it is an opportunity providing new possibilities for growth and improvement. Creation of this formation is naturally possible with an experienced, skillful and innovative team who knows the sector and is working with the leading firms of the sector.

For us, success means, more than delivery of a shipment from one place to another, continuation of shipments and continuous increase of customer satisfaction during this time.