5- Packaging

Packaging is the definition of a dynamic sector. Organizing the Logistics of the product with low costs is also important as the delivery times, availability and reliability. Low retail value of the products, continuous production of new products and unstable raw material priceshave caused the firms to form their supply-chains larger and in a more complex structure. With consideration of Packaging and Packaging materials sector as one of the important links of other producing sectors since the beginning of 21. Century, the supply-chain management of this sector has been set in a standard in the whole world.

As important Packaging and packaging materials is an important link on the supply-chain of other sectors, Logistics providers posses the same importance for the Packaging and packaging materials sector.

As important the subjects like hygiene, health are on production stages of products for human consumption or products applied to skin, same importance persists on their storage, transportation and distribution and due to this, the logistics of the products should be organized by inquisitory firms who know what they are doing.

Our long term focus on the packaging and packaging materials sector has made us gain extensive knowledge and experience on the sector. We continue to focus and research…