2- Petro-Chemicals

As JMC Logistic, the work we do is not only to protect your products, but also to protect your reputation and brand value. Our priority is to pursue transportation in a safe way from the minute we take over your products until we deliver them.

Since you need to only focus on your business in order for your business to grow, you need a good supply-chain management and a good working partner. It is very important for your working partner to generate effective, continuous, environmentalist and innovative solutions. In the changing market conditions, as much as making fast decisions, implementing these decisions as fast is also very important. At this point, it is necessary for your working partner to be flexible and fat moving at least as much as you.

We would like to take over your logistics management with the experience we gained due to the services we have given for years to the World’s and our country’s leading petrol and petro-chemical firms and due to the transportations we carried on, with our educated and expert staff and our full range of equipment suitable to pursue all kinds of your shipments.