1- Chemistry

On transportation of hazardous materials and chemicals, being clever and smart means being safe and environmentalist. With the logistics and supply-chain work we implement, we don’t only ensure your goods reach a safe market faster, we also lower your costs with innovative solutions.

We generate strong and flexible solutions focused on safety and environmentalism which cause to decrease your storage costs and increase your profitability. Moreover, in the case we become an important link in the supply-chain and are able to control distribution, it will ensure your entry to new and more profitable markets fast and without any problems.

No matter what the amount is, transporting your products or developing markets and ensuring their distribution, will enable your firm to stay competitive and also to build strong customer relations with each passing day.

We know chemical…

2- Petro-Chemicals

As JMC Logistic, the work we do is not only to protect your products, but also to protect your reputation and brand value. Our priority is to pursue transportation in a safe way from the minute we take over your products until we deliver them.

Since you need to only focus on your business in order for your business to grow, you need a good supply-chain management and a good working partner. It is very important for your working partner to generate effective, continuous, environmentalist and innovative solutions. In the changing market conditions, as much as making fast decisions, implementing these decisions as fast is also very important. At this point, it is necessary for your working partner to be flexible and fat moving at least as much as you.

We would like to take over your logistics management with the experience we gained due to the services we have given for years to the World’s and our country’s leading petrol and petro-chemical firms and due to the transportations we carried on, with our educated and expert staff and our full range of equipment suitable to pursue all kinds of your shipments.

3- Technology

First thing that comes to mind when we say Technological Logistics is ensuring shipments safely, properly, securely, and on time. However, in today’s conditions this is not enough.

Technological market is considerably dynamic. Research and Development studies cause the products in the market to continuously change. Research and Development staff, in order to get ahead of the race, continuously focus on new products and develop new products to offer to end users’ tastes. In reality, these works are a race that has been continuing for and will continue for years.

A newly developed product possessing better features will take down the previous similar product off of its throne. As this change makes the new product very valuable, it also causes the old one to lose value very fast. This is why it is necessary to not only carry the products but also the packages they are in very securely and meticulously in order for them to reach the market and be sold to the end user very fast.

Your products penetrating the market first, not only increases your profitability but also increases your reputation and brand value. However, in this organization that should be arranged with meticulousness and attention, it is necessary for the Logistics Partner you chose to comprehend the importance of these matter, to have gained experience by having worked and continuing to work with the leading firms of the market.

We possess this experience and attention.

4- Cosmetics

In the past 50 years, the cosmetics sector has developed very fast and the leading firms of the sector have taken their place among the international giant firms in the world comprising of various sectors. With this fast and extensive development, naturally new necessities, demands and changes are triggered.

Putting the Cosmetics and Personal Care sector within the most innovative sectors would be a very correct statement. Extraordinary and nice appearance of the packaging of a newly produced product promotes sales. At the same time, it is also very important for that packaging to be at minimum costs, easy to store, carry and to be environment friendly. As in all the other dynamic sectors, cutting down on the costs and increasing profitability is also an important subject in Cosmetics and Personal Care sector. At this point, the firms ensure supply-chain management and control finished products by forming distribution centers. Achievement of this control and management correctly is possible with a Logistic service a skillful, creative and innovative working partner will provide. Speedy and correct data flow notification increases the sale of that product as well increasing the profitability by decreasing the inventory costs. The delivery of an organic product newly offered to the market on time, with correct and low costs is as important as the production of that product.

At this point, organization of logistics with an innovative firm becomes extremely important.

The reason for our permanence in the Cosmetics and Personal Care sector is because we provide this.

5- Packaging

Packaging is the definition of a dynamic sector. Organizing the Logistics of the product with low costs is also important as the delivery times, availability and reliability. Low retail value of the products, continuous production of new products and unstable raw material priceshave caused the firms to form their supply-chains larger and in a more complex structure. With consideration of Packaging and Packaging materials sector as one of the important links of other producing sectors since the beginning of 21. Century, the supply-chain management of this sector has been set in a standard in the whole world.

As important Packaging and packaging materials is an important link on the supply-chain of other sectors, Logistics providers posses the same importance for the Packaging and packaging materials sector.

As important the subjects like hygiene, health are on production stages of products for human consumption or products applied to skin, same importance persists on their storage, transportation and distribution and due to this, the logistics of the products should be organized by inquisitory firms who know what they are doing.

Our long term focus on the packaging and packaging materials sector has made us gain extensive knowledge and experience on the sector. We continue to focus and research…

6- Automotive

Lately, the logistics term has become important for establishments and corporations to focus on competitive advantage. Supply-chain covers provision of materials to be used in production, conversion and production of these materials to semi-finished or finished product, delivery of finished products to the consumer. Timing of the provision of the materials to be used in production is very important for the automotive sector. It can neither be early nor late. Delay causes serious disruption in production, earliness causes the automotive sector who is already searching for competitive advantage due to hardships it faces in any areas to shoulder costs like inventory, warehousing, etc.

Consequently, due to these reasons, a need for on time purchasing and logistics has emerged. On time Logistics is based on actualizing activities at the time of need or demand and the most important factor is frequent and timely delivery in small partial shipments.

Our capability of generating alternative Logistic solutions by Land, Sea and Air provides advantages to our working partners we give service to in the automotive sector.

7- Lighting

Lighting stands out both with its decorative and functional aspects. Importance of products produced with new generation designs and with quickly developing technology, is connected to what kind of decoration piece it is more than it meeting the lighting need.

The intention of lighting has become, more than obtaining a certain level of lighting, forming the ideal and correct visual conditions. Lighting in decoration, on the other hand, is used to bring forth some of the decorative details of the objects wanting to exhibit in order to create a nice and ideal atmosphere.

Lighting sector, these days, thanks to developments in technology and new generation designs, does not only produce and sell lamps or light bulbs, but also prepares innovative projects suitable for all kinds of spaces and brings these projects to life.

We also continuously generate innovative projects and continuously research, listen and work for their improvement. Our aim is to become a firm that generates the most logistics service to the lighting sector.

8- Forestry Products

Logistics of forestry products is obtained by ensuring the delivery of the product to the customer at the correct time, by getting it from the correct place with flexible solutions at the lowest possible costs. The subject we especially pay attention to and focus on is to form strategies and business models that will increase customer satisfaction by ensuring integration of basic work processes in logistics management.

Need to find solutions and do research to carry out and generate new strategies, innovative products and services and orders demanded connected to these brings forth a need to continuously improve traditional product and services. This is a problem, but at the same time it is an opportunity providing new possibilities for growth and improvement. Creation of this formation is naturally possible with an experienced, skillful and innovative team who knows the sector and is working with the leading firms of the sector.

For us, success means, more than delivery of a shipment from one place to another, continuation of shipments and continuous increase of customer satisfaction during this time.